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SCUBA Diving

SCUBA Diving, Cabo Pulmo

Explore the depths of SCUBA diving in Cabo Pulmo, an underwater paradise offering a unique experience in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant marine ecosystems. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in over 15 years of experience in the diving industry, backed by SCUBA PADI and freediving AIDA certifications, as well as Emergency First Response (EFR) certifications.

In our dive center, founded with the vision to provide personalized and family-oriented service, we take pride in being a local business deeply rooted in the Cabo Pulmo community. Rodrigo, with over a decade of experience as a marine park guide, ensures an educational and thrilling dive. 

Discover the difference of diving with us: small groups, expert instruction, world-class facilities, and an educational approach that transcends mere underwater exploration. Immerse yourself in marine life with us and uncover the magic of Cabo Pulmo.

SCUBA diving

Cabo Pulmo diving

All Year

Water Temp:
January-July = 64°-70°F/18°-21°C
August-December = 70°-80°F/21°-27°C


Bull Sharks
Schooling Jacks
Sea Lions

≈ 3 hours

$2,500 MXN

Discover Cabo Pulmo's Underwater Beauty

Take a deeper look at Cabo Pulmo’s marine ecosystem, where every submersion is a journey into a vibrant underwater world. Home to an array of marine life, from playful schools of tropical fish to the mesmerizing dance of rays, the ecosystem thrives under the careful conservation efforts in this underwater sanctuary. As you glide through crystal-clear waters, you’ll witness the harmonious coexistence of diverse species and the breathtaking beauty of thriving coral reefs. Join us as we invite you to become a part of Cabo Pulmo’s marine gift – a realm of wonder waiting to be explored.

Beginners are welcome!

We’ll show you the underwater world of Cabo Pulmo, where anyone can try their hand at diving. Our skilled team is here to make your first dive a safe and enjoyable experience, unveiling the secrets of the ocean together. Join Dive Nagual for a dive filled with excitement – no experience needed!

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Snorkel, Cabo Pulmo

For 3 hours you will live immersed and surrounded by marine wildlife like nowhere else you have done, floating among huge schools of fish that surpass the limits of your imagination, you will bask among playful sea lions and enjoy the always wonderful company of sea turtles, undoubtedly the SNORKEL TOUR is the window that allows us to expand our limits and to temporarily live in a better world.

All Year

Water Temp:
77°-85°F/ 25°-30°C


Sea lion
Tropical Fishes

≈ 3 hours

$1,500 MXN

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