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Snorkel & Marine Activities

Cabo Pulmo, Snorkel

All year

The SNORKEL TOUR consists of visiting 3 or 4 different sites, from pristine coral reefs to sea lion colonies and even the sighting from the boat of one of the most special animals that can be on planet earth, the humpback whales.

La Ventana, Marine Activities

All year

The MARINE ACTIVITIES (ocean safari) has become a popular way to get close to the pelagic life that browse around this waters. Witness the great migrations and be ready to be amazed!

Local Guides: Your Window to the Marine World!

Board on your snorkel and marine adventure guided by our experienced local experts, who are not just guides – they are passionate storytellers of the ocean. With an intimate knowledge of the region, our guides will not only lead you to the best spots but also share fascinating insights about marine life and ecosystems.

These local experts have spent years navigating the waters, making them the ideal companions for your underwater journey. Their ability to point out hidden gems and unique marine species adds a personalized touch to every tour, creating an immersive experience beyond the ordinary.

Join Dive Nagual and let our guides be your companions as you explore the wonders of Cabo Pulmo and La Ventana. Their dedication ensures that each moment is not just an observation but a connection to the heart of the marine world.

What you will see

Stingray Icon

Mobula Ray Safari, La Ventana

March – July

Witness the world’s largest Mobula migration. Their unique behaviour has scientists baffled, their acrobatic skills have us hypnotized.

Hammer Shark Icon

Shark Safari, Cabo San Lucas

March – July

Protectors of their ecosystem, these sharks are majestic, powerful, and a beautiful creation. Get up close and personal today!

Whale Killer Icon

Marine Activities, La Paz

All year

North America’s largest sea lion colony, scenic beauty unique to the region, and migrating whales, La Paz is a hub for sea life along its coast.

Marine Activities, La Ribera

All year

You’re in the only panga in sight, and you’re in touching distance of a pod of humpback whales… Welcome to La Ribera.

Swordfish Icon

Bahia Magdalena, Expedition

October – December

The hunt is on. It’s Marlin vs Sardines. Witness Mexico’s most exciting feeding frenzy in Bahia Magdalena. Six days of snorkelling/free diving in and amongst the action. Book your spot today.

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Snorkel, Cabo Pulmo

For 3 hours you will live immersed and surrounded by marine wildlife like nowhere else you have done, floating among huge schools of fish that surpass the limits of your imagination, you will bask among playful sea lions and enjoy the always wonderful company of sea turtles, undoubtedly the SNORKEL TOUR is the window that allows us to expand our limits and to temporarily live in a better world.

All Year

Water Temp:
77°-85°F/ 25°-30°C


Sea lion
Tropical Fishes

≈ 3 hours

$1,500 MXN

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Ocean Safari, La Ventana

Join us as we head out from La Ventana, Baja California Sur, to spot pods of dolphins, breaching whales, encounters with the enigmatic manta ray and why not maybe the ultimate encounter with the apex predator the orcas. You got to live this once in a life time experience!

All Year

Water Temp:
77°-85°F/ 25°-30°C


Humpback Whales

≈ 4 hours

$2,500 MXN

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